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Yoshihiro Togashi Interview after the conclusion of Yu Yu Hakusho.
You learn so much from reading this.

This poor man… I hope it doesn’t escalate to depression. Hunter x Hunter is my all-time favorite series but after all the hiatuses, the recent hiatus doesn’t bother me anymore. I’m just hoping HxH gets finished before either of us dies.

Here, you’ll see Chang Vlador giving Koon the bird.

You wanna lose your left eye too? t(=_=t) lol


Just some ToG characters in school uniforms.

Nothing changed for Koon. +_+


Get to know me - [2/5] Male Characters:

Killua Zoldyck // Rebel Child:

"People only find me interesting because they can never tell whether I’m serious or not."

Tower of God S2 E116 (E196) is up!!!

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So happy with this chapter <3 I was hoping that Koon and Ran had a deeper *platonic* relationship other than Koon might have forced Ran into joining his team, so Ran being pissed at what happened to Koon and wanting to murder them all proves it.

Rereading because chapter 196 isn’t out yet.

Tower of God, Chapter 132

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I am so in love with his face <3

Read Tower of God here.


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Waiting, waiting, waiting…

Still no Tower of God translations!!



I feel you, my friend.


Shaman King Remix2 Postcards - all dressed up and probably going on Takei’s wall.