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in love with books, anime, manga and the cosmos. killua fangirl for 12 years (and counting). my current fandom obsessions include: hunter x hunter, shaman king and magi. has a soft spot for a beautiful fictional friendship. a one ok rock addict. expect many feels from this blog!

I’m really so excited to go to work tomorrow! But only because the internet in the office is so much faster. I’ll download all episodes of Magi. :3


Every damn time.

That face! So. Cute!!

I’m surprised that lots of the Magi fans are yaoi shippers. I was over at Reddit and Mangafox forums and saw a lot of yaoi ships. Aladdin x Judal, Sinbad x Jafar, Alibaba x Hakuryuu? I admit I’m a crazy fangirl but you people are even crazier! *High five* 

So I finally caught up with the fucking manga 5 days after starting it. But seriously, chapter 232, Y U DO DIS TO ME?? AND Y U DO DAT TO SHEBA, SOLOMON U ASSHOLE!? 

Aww <3

OMFG I’m crying. This is quite possible the best shocked expression I’ve seen in manga. So beautiful and intricate! <3


Takahiko ABIRU: Today is Killua’s birthday!

❈❄❈❄❈❄❈❄❈❄❈❄❣♚❣ Happy Birthday, Killua! ❣♚❣❈❄❈❄❈❄❈❄❈❄❈❄


"Number 44. Hisoka, the magician. Last year he was a virtual lock to pass the test, until he all but killed an examiner he didn’t like."